Strange Conversation Reply Screen

It's no big deal, but the "tool bar" in the conversation reply window is expanded into a list of all the options. It's no longer the tidy row of icons. Everything seems to work, it just seems the formatting crumbled. I could send a screen shot if that would help.

Thank you


Staff member
It is a formatting bug that is pestering us. The admins are aware and are trying to find the cause.


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Browsing individual forums looks okay, but viewing unreads, and viewing individual posts have messed up formatting for me.
It used to happen occasionally, but now it's always like that.

Nathan LaChine

Staff member
The word On the street is things should be pretty much okay now. The admins have very much been hard at work trying fix this. Very hard. Though I def admit this reply is about a week late.

@B.D.F. that’s a fabulous find! @Nathan LaChine and @C. E. did you guys see that post?
Yup saw this, thank you for responding to the group on our behalf. The formatting issue has taken up ALL my free time over this last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed all is resolved now :)