still recovering from group assault

a while back i posted the story of my assault. I was held prisoner in a bar run by a motorcycle gang in Oakland California for two days. I was drugged and forced to drink whiskey while I was repeatedly raped. I was forced to preform oral sex so frequently that I would occasionally vomit up large amounts of semen. I was penetrated countless times by at least 30 different men and even a woman with a strap on penis. I bled for two weeks straight and had other medical problems as a result. After posting my full story here i finally worked up the courage to see a Dr. Although I could not bring myself to tell the entire story, I explained to her what i was forced to do and that no protection was used. After a thorough exam it was determined that exessive scarring of my rectal area would require surgery, and that I had contracted Hepatitis B. Just a few weeks after the surgery I was pain free. I feel I have a fresh start although I still have not told my wife what happened. I have been careful to always use protection with her. I just dont know how to tell her. I joined an anymous suport group in my area that my Dr. referred me to. In the course I have met several interestig men, both straight and gay that have been victimized. I have since discovered that I am bisexual and have been seeing some of the gay men in the group on the side and have found it comforting to have these men to talk to on a friend to friend level as opposed to in a group discussin that always seems so depressing. I believe that maybe this experience can be viewed in a positive light. It seems to have changed my life for the better. Since my Dr. visit i have felt liberated. Now all thats left is to tell my wife. I think I will do that this week sometime when the time is right. I truly do have a new start.


New Start,

I cant imagine how horrible that must have been for you, i got sick to my stomach reading your post, what a mess.

I am so glad you cared enough about yourself to seek medical help.

I wish the best and i hope your healing journey is kind to you, you have been through enough.

This is a good place, i am glad your here, i am glad you found your voice.

Welcome, this is your place too.