Starting my journey of opening up


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Hi All. I’ve recently started receiving counselling for personal and relationship issues. My counsellor suggested I search for stories like mine to help me open up about previous experiences that has lead me to where I am today.

Having found this site and read some of your stories and your journeys has already been helpful. I applaud you all for your openness and courage to confront the issues you’ve faced.

I have been too ashamed to ever verbalize a lot of what happened when I was a minor. I have so much self-blame still in me. My counsellor suggested I write things down if I have difficulty saying them and I have already found this site useful for that.

I made my first posts in the Survivor Stories Forum.

I think interacting with people who have had similar experiences will be beneficial in my process of understanding.
I’m open to discussing things with other survivors and appreciate your perspectives. So feel free to message me any questions or thoughts you may have.
Welcome Matt. I'd encourage you to ramble about the website and when you find threads that resonate join the conversation. That is the best way to get to know other men here. You will doubtless encounter kindred spirits. Thanks for the trigger warning with your two survivor story entries. They are too graphic for me and I was forewarned and stopped the moment I felt uncomfortable. I know we need to tell the truth about what happened to us but I'm coming to believe the details of what happened in the past are less important than how I attend to feelings evoked in the present. We know the trauma is behind us but then life triggers us and old feelings are stimulated. Our work is releasing whatever shame we carry about the past and about how we acted out memories of the past, while finding healthy ways to care for ourselves right here, right now. All the best on your healing journey. I'm glad you found us.
Welcome Matt (TRIGGER)

Just because you were a needy child and you did not find it overwhelming to have someone to "hang out" with you,
does not make it O K., your fault, or your shame. Understanding where my responsibility ended, and my perps' began, was difficult for me.
Since I was sick, but I needed my valentine sent my girlfriend in Detroit, i thought I was prostituting myself letting him do me orally. For me this
only lasted six moths, but was only one of my perps. As you noticed ln the power dynamic, you did not have the power
I hope you can be more kind and gentle to yourself.

go with GOD