Start Conversation Limitations

I note the "Start Conversation" button does not appear with my avatar. I checked settings for my account and saw the only options for allowing others to initiate a conversation with me available under Privacy are "Members only", "People you follow" or "Nobody." I would prefer allowing anyone who wishes to reach out to me for a private conversation be able to do so. I don't remember this being the case in the past. Am I missing something? I hope this message is screened by an administrator... if not I'll reach out directly. Thanks.
It's there when I click on your avatar.
But if I click my own, it isn't. I believe because we would start a conversation with ourselves.
That was pointed out to me IN a private conversation with someone who isn't a member. That makes sense. What doesn't make sense is it appears my Privacy settings don't permit me to choose accepting conversations from everyone. But since the system is working that way I guess it isn't really a problem. Thanks for chiming in Bri.