Spirit Guides

So in I had last night I had two guys appear and tell me they were my spirit guides. They were not scary. They were large, strong, muscular guys. I don't remember their names or what they looked like. I just remember there were two, and that's what they said were two. There were other things going on in the dream (which I remember parts of--parts I don't), but they didn't really have anything to do with it.

I woke up and sat straight up in bed. I had a strong pain my stomach and my instant reaction was to put my arms over my stomach/abdomen like to comfort myself. I sat there for quite a while and then finally got up and started my morning routine but was in like a slow motion with this pain. I didn't really get it to go away for a few hours--I was able to eat some, shower, and did send an email to my T. When I was sending that email, I remembered more stuff about the abuse I have remembered this week so I told my T in it. It made it more disturbing, unfortunately.

Funny, that pain came back during writing this post.

Has anyone had this spirit guide this come up before? Is it supposed to be comforting? I have a feeling it is. I don't feel like it right now, though.

Any insight is appreciated.

Healing light

So in my culture we believe in spirit guides , and other spiritual things that perhaps other people don't and that's cool.

So what I would say is trust your gut feelings
And if they wasn't at least they was comforting in a way whatever occurred. Remember it is totally up too you what you believe

I have body memories with my PTSD meaning I get pains , feel things when I'm very triggered
It's good you have spoken to you T

I will tell you something weird that happened to me once.
I was sat in the country side in a wood in a bad way actually it was night time and this horse just appeared out of nowhere, I looked for the owner no where to be seen , it was so friendly , so I called a rescue I know to ask what to do and they came out I was busy all night with this horse and the rescue man said " HL he likes you I think you found a new friend " when we got him back to his owner turned out his name was midnight the same as my grandfathers first ever horse.
So I believe my grandfather kept me busy allll night because I needed to be lolz

I always say the world works in mysterious ways

Anyways I don't talk offen about my beliefs because I know they are different to most but I'm learning that it's ok everyone can believe what ever they like as long as your not hurting someone