Shocking news from Canada


It's not news to anybody here in Canada that there is a sexual abuse problem in our military and the RCMP.
Today was the last day for past and current members of our military to sign on to a class action suit against the Federal government.
Today they released statistics.

57% of the claimants are women ... ergo ... 43% are men.

The number released today of those on that list is 19000.00 !

Considering the small size of our military that number is jaw dropping to us.
It sure floored me.

The anchor on our news today was a woman and the shocked grimace that flashed across her face
I'm sure will be repeated millions of times on the faces of all Canadians.

As we say here ... you are not alone.

My heart is broken.
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Gentlemen ...

I just realized that this is your Thanksgiving Day weekend and this is most definitely not something to give thanks for.
I should have waited until next week.
My apologies.


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i dont blame you for posting it is an incredible amount of victims and i agree its heart breaking to say the least my condolences to you and the resy of the Canadians, BB
Sadly, the 190,000 is just the beginning of the count. Their spouses and children are also victims as the shockwaves of the abuse ripples through all of their lives.


I am deeply saddened by this news... and confused by how and why is occurred for so long and was perpetrated by so many people. Does anyone understand the cause of this?


I bet you dollars to donuts men are actually in the majority of Canadian MST. They just aren't going to file claims.
I can't file any claims because it is past the cuttoff time. mine happened almost 50 years ago! though not through the residencial school system.