Self-esteem and other issues!

Your talking to a dad whose daughter aged 20 with £500 in her pocket moved out to Indonesia, Jakarta to teach English to two years, I know the feelings well. My view was I sent funds aside so if anything happened I could get out to her or bring her back at short notice.


Ah good it worked out for her. I guess at the end of the day it’ll work out coming back home if I think positively and put my mind to it. I’m 34 and by no means taking a career break will be detrimental. At least I won’t regret not having done it later on in life :)
My T has a list of 5 good things he shared with me several months after I started counseling. They are:
1) Zest for life,
2) Awareness of self worth,
3) Desire for relationships,
4) Clear and accurate image of self and others
5) Motivation to take action.

I like that he called them "5 good things" and not "5 goals". A few days ago I gave him my self-assessment of how well I am doing embracing those 5 good things. Today he gave me his feedback. He agreed with my self-assessment that 'Awareness of Self Worth' is one of my biggest challenges. (I can't tell you how many times I have referred to myself as a worthless piece of shit in his office. I think I actually screamed it at him once). He made an interesting comment though. He said that my self-worth had improved this year but he thinks I don't appreciate the progress I have made in that regard. When I asked him what he wanted me to focus on in 2021 he said practicing self-compassion.
I like your therapist Greg... :)