Scouting about to get reckoning

Hopefully the reckoning will continue with more states coming forward with laws opening the window for lawsuits by survivors. There is nothing quite like spending time on this website to understand how pervasive sexual abuse of boys and young men is. I certainly knew about my experience and could extrapolate a bit since the family of boys and men that abused me likely had other victims... but churches, schools, service organization as well as families all harbored pedophiles and were too embarrassed and frightened to tell the truth. Thanks for posting this Mani.
I was an Eagle scout and no one ever touched me in any of my years in scouting. But this does not surprise me. Perfect place for a pedophile. All those boys around. Sad to see this happen to an organization I once loved.


It is a epidemic--too many children were abused and it crosses all demographics, organizations and institutions. It seems everyday there is more cases coming forward--which is a good thing. I just wonder will people accept the realities of abuse. Too many people end up suffering in life because of the traumatic experience of CSA--addictions, suicides, self loathing, depression, dissociation, and other mental and emotional issues.
I believe society has to stand up and hold the abusers accountable and to support survivors and not deny the truths of abuse. It is occurring today despite the media coverage of CSA in the past. I too was a boy scout, made Life Scout, a few badges shy of Eagle. I too was not harmed in this institution, it was the Church.
Funny to remember the Cub scout meetings in the basement of my home, surrounded by other boys from the neighborhood. This was a couple years after leaving the neighborhood where my sexual abuse happened at the hands of neighbor boys and men from one extended family. I enjoyed scouting and have a vague recollection of attending regular Scout meetings, but I didn't stay with it long so nothing untoward happened to me. I understand that like many sport focused organizations, the Boy Scouts offer pedophiles ready access to their prey. We shouldn't be surprised it happened nor that the organizations wouldn't want to deal forthrightly with the horror of it all. I've no idea how this will change since at heart it is a problem rooted in the family and so many families are in extremis for a variety of reasons. I wish all survivors well and am committed to supporting places like this where at the very least there is a chance to heal what has been broken.