Scared-a little trigger

Hello, my abuser enganged me into anal sex which me being the insertive person seven years ago, I dont know his status and that only happened one time for maybe 30seconds. I have no symptoms of anything around my sexual health. That was my only experience and Im so scared that I got HIV or anything. Is it possible that I got it? Help. I cant take tests cause of quarantine.


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Clinics are more difficult to get into - no drop ins must have appointments here to minimize waiting rooms and exposure but they ARE testing. It is the only way to know. Go NOW. get tested and know instead of worrying more. You need to be tested - probably neg but if not the sooner you start treatment the better the chance for a more normal life Today than ever before.
I agree with Mani. My son is HIV +. With medical advances, it is no longer a death sentence, but must be treated.
@Coercedbyafriend I am sorry this happened to you. I have to say that when this happened to me in January I did not go to the hospital or have any tests run. I was in denial. Let's just face it...I was plain scared. I'm probably still in denial about many things. But HIV testing is nothing you want to hold off on. I did get an HIV test and other tests run because of what happened to me. Anyone is susceptible to disease with unsafe sex or from being violated.

Hope all is well with you and that you are doing ok.


the older you get the more sex becomes a lose lose situation. Sorry if this is not the way you view it or if it offends you.


Trust me when I say, you need to get tested.

You may be worried or stressed now. But knowing will solve so many minor problems. Plus with Dr's help you can create a plan and a path to take care of this. Once you know, you will feel better.

You got this! And if you need help ask a close friend, they might actually be honored that you chose them to disclose. Ya know?

Good luck to you ♥