Right handedness vs left handedness vs ambidexterous

Right handed vs. left handed vs ambidexterous
While this may not be new, it is new to me.
The idea that we are born with a particular sexual orientation can be compared to being born with a right handed or left handed orientation.
It is not an exact analogy, but bear with me, please.
A person can be born right handed, left handed or ambidexterous. It seems that most people are born right handed – I have read that about 90% of the population is right handed. My father was born left handed. He went to Catholic school and he told me that when he was a child the teacher tied his left hand to the desk to force him to write with his right hand. It did not work – he lived his life as a left handed man.
I have read that at times in the past, societies thought of left handedness as evil – I don’t know how recently that was but the above story is from my own father – so trying to correct handedness is not ancient.
Now, perhaps an ambidextrous person can be persuaded/coerced into living life as a right handed person – It sounds plausible – I really don’t know.
But to force a person who is strictly left handed to write right handed is cruel and it does not work very well. (My father lived his life as a left handed person as I’ve stated).
A left handed person could have an injury or illness that forces him to use his right hand – but it will never feel natural or be as easy was using his left hand was.
Now, with regard to sexuality. People can be born gay, bi or straight.
There are many orientations, but right now I want to use this analogy to the above
A bi oriented person could experience a trauma (such as being raped/molested – perhaps repeatedly) that “kills” the desire for heterosexuality dead. Such a person could be labeled as gay (i.e. only has SSA because opposite sex attraction was not only killed, but the trauma resulted in opposite sex revulsion - whether or not he ever has gay sex). This is what I experienced (even though I never lived a “bi” life or even acknowledged the SSA to anyone including perhaps even myself – instead I was taught by our culture to negate those thoughts/feeling, i.e. to suppress them – and to feel they were bad….)
I would suppose that a gay or straight person could have the same happen to them thus interrupting or ending a satisfying sex life…. But such a person would not have the opposite orientation as a choice as it is not something that they feel attracted to or would enjoy (i.e. a gay would not enjoy sex with a woman and a straight would not enjoy sex with a man)
I think many more people are born with attraction to both sexes but were culturally conditioned to live a heterosexual life…. But if that is not true, the above still holds merit – at least to me – because it was/is my life.
Anyhow, I just wanted to put this out there – as plausible even if it defies what some in this community believe – it is what I have lived.