Reluctant to post this

No apologies necessary. I am going for a walk on the beach to clear my head. It is a hard problem to deal with and I think it has effected me for most of my life. feel like a piece of garbage at times. Anyway staying positive I am going for a walk. thanks for your response

Take Care
I feel rejection and abandonment here regularly. I’m starting to wonder what the point is and why I keep coming back...
I am sorry you are experiencing this regularly as I and many others are. It is hard when you are struggling. Thanks for your response. I will watch for you in the forums. I feel that is what chat is to me as well. I am going to try and stay away from chat for a while and see how it goes.

Take care SDD757
Hi Ceremony

Thanks for you response you do understand and I have read lots of your post's as well. I really wish I could stop myself from getting triggered. I have talked to others and it is why they don't go to chat. It is a struggle for me to get the point across so people understand what I am asking. I am asking for help for me to not be triggered. I don't expect anyone to change but me.

I am laying low I was in the OR today for dental work. Trying to answer emails and posts

Thanks again Take Care
Thanks Strangeways I will be doing that. I am on a 3 week break from therapy right now. I sent the same question and its effects on me to them already.
We are trying to resolve the chat issues.
I'm not a Website IT guy yet I know those that are, are trying to resolve the various issues with chat.
As for members not signing out, there is an important difference.
With the old system, if you closed your browser window, you'd be logged out of chat.
This is NOT the case in this new system.
Only by using the Red Door, are you fully logged out of chat.
Thanks Blacken

This is more really, it is about me not being very good at not seeing the worst in things when people disappear. There is a few problems with chat I am able to see past them. I use the little Red Door or if I want to leave a message I do /leave and what ever the message.