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Well, as your new administrator, I need to ask that if you want to post here you need to re-read the posting guidelines. (see below) The mods are spending too much time editing posts here.

The discussion in some of these threads has gone way off the topic and sometimes it has been critical of another's beliefs.

Look at the threads here - you will see some that end up being supportive discussions of how spirituality has helped recovery.

Other threads go way of that topic and involve critical remarks about other's beliefs or begin to stray off the topic all together.

so, read the guidelines again, and go to the open forum if you need to, and spare the mods from burning out.

Posting Guidelines for Spirituality

This is a forum in which survivors may express and discuss their spiritual journey as it relates to the abuses theyve encountered. Posters are encouraged to share in first person narrative how spirituality or spiritual persons positively or negatively impacted their life, abuse situation, and/or healing journey. Discussions on a wide range of spiritual topics or belief structures are also welcome.

MaleSurvivor recognizes that a survivors spiritual journey is often times something he holds very close and dear. Because of that it is asked that all postings in this forum be made with consideration and respect for other users. Statements that marginalize ANY group or belief structure, or remarks that specifically demean or otherwise target them for criticism, will be subject to editing or removal by the moderators.

If you feel a posting in this forum is abusive DO NOT escalate the situation by responding in kind. Please report that post to the moderators using the Notify button on the specific posting you find offensive.
Not open for further replies.