Reach beyond the pain


Reach Beyond the Pain

Aching for the touch of another,
But cannot bring myself to trust.

I see other people, happy people,
They know what love is supposed to be.

I dare not reach out, I cannot trust.
I did once, twice, got slapped for it.

I want to believe when others say they love,
But I heard those words before. Words only.

What is love? I thought I knew.
I don't know anymore. I wish I did.

I reach out instead to complete strangers.
They need the love I cannot give to others.

At least I know they need it.
That's enough for me.




What hapen when those you give love at, they are not worth of it? If they pretend be good, earn trust of you, and betray you? To lie of things, things you are already scare of and vulnerable to,and confuse hell of us?

Sorry, Scot, down today.

:( :( :(