Re-Arrange Forums

I expect the organization of the Forums on this website is simply a product of when individual forums were added. To a relative newcomer, the arrangement doesn't make sense. I'd like to propose shifting fora around so some order is brought to this page. This is an order that makes sense to me. I wonder if anyone else has an opinion and wonder whether moderators would consider making a change.

MaleSurvivor Public Forums
Male Survivors
Family and Friends
Sexual Identity Issues
Gay/Bi/Trans Survivors
Survivors of Female Abuse
Men Abused/Assaulted as Adults
Military Survivors
Sexual Abuse/Exploitation in Media
Survivor Stories
Off Topic
Poetry (This might better be Images, Art and Poetry)
Books, Music & Films for Survivors
U.S. & World News
Discussion Board Questions

Member Forums and Healthy Living are fine, but the public forums could benefit from a bit of house cleaning... in my opinion, of course.


New Registrant
As a newcomer to the group, I agree that the forums menu is confusing and difficult to navigate. As a result I realize I have already posted comments in the wrong forum.


Staff member

I am sorry you are finding the forums confusing and to be honest I am perplexed a bit by what you said - if it was a comment on someone else’s thread they picked the forum not you; you can edit your own comments at any time by clicking on the edit feature in the lower left of your post.

if you started a thread in what you now feel is the wrong area just contact a moderator and we can/will move it to the appropriate forum topic. Obviously I am a mod and all are listed in the “staff” directory. Which you can find under the members menu item. Thanks for being here.