Everybody is welcome in all the MS forums. Most of the men come here to MS to recover from Sexual wictimization and abuse. But part of growing up in abusive families is the emotional abuse many suffered. The emotional coercion and grooming and many have experienced emotional abuse and emotional incest and covert abuse/incest:

Here are some links that might be helpful:

Emotional abuse

Covert abuse/incest Emotional Incest
Female abuse, bro. 'Nuff said. I plan to come here each day to vent about what I go through at work with the ladies! I'm waiting for the wife forum to be created, though.

But, ya. Mom did a number on me, too. Emotionally as well as physically and sexually.



Just to confirm what others have already said, sure you are welcome here. All users can post here. And so far as psychological and emotional abuse are concerned, that's a vital part of the story for so many sexually abused boys. To be dismissed or made to feel worthless or inferior by a woman important in the boy's life can have devastating effects on him in all sorts of ways.

Much love,
Hi, Andy, like I posted and others again welcome aboard. Ok I'll start this page out as far as the emotional, physical and mental abuse goes. The sexual part is posted elsewhere. Here has recentely came to the surface from Lil' Pete, something that happened 55 years ago, and this is just the right time to post it. While I was living at "home" and having always wished that my mother was dead, there was no emotional communication between the both of us, so this is what happened on one Thanksgiving day. I was outside playing by myself and my "mother" called for me to come in, I ignored her call, she called again and told me in no uncertain words that I better get my ass in gear. Well i did, and as soon as I got in the door she grabbed my young ass and took me into her bedroom and hog tied me to the bed post,I couldn't move, she left the bedroom door cracked slightly, as she was roasting the "Thanksgiving" turkey for her her boyfriend my younger sister and I also thought for me too. Well I spent the whole day hog tied to that bedpost, It sure smelled good, and I was very hungry. I didn't get anthing to eat for the whole day, But she had to untie me from that bedpost to go to sleep, well when she fell asleep I got out of bed and ran to the kitchen and just stuffed my mouth with Graham crackers and ate them as fast as I could swallow, needless to say I sure got thirsty and drank lots of water which in turn made me sick to my stomach and I just turned around and vomited it all out. And that wasn't the only time I was hog tied to that bedpost and went without eating. Gladly I got into that orphanage/Home and escaped the torments for atleast 9 months of the year for 4 years. Nothing like "motherly" love, nurturing and emotional help. Too bad I found (or it found me) elsewhere. Heal well my friends/brothers on all fronts.
Pete (Irishmoose)