preparing the armor

Metaphorically and literally speaking we are getting our defenses ready for a potentially dangerous situation today. We will try to keep this simple even though there is nothing simple about this and those who know our history will understand why. yesterday our eldest living sister msged and called repeatedly insisting she was coming up here expressly for the purpose of talking with us. This is highly unusual, she moved back to the state almost a year ago and we have had no interaction at all. she insists that we leave the compound and meet her on neutral ground. we fully understand that she doesn't want to see the bitch. not sure what to do other than mac up to the 9s and go see what she wants so badly. still trying to think of a way of telling her to pound sand as we prep our gear.


wish I had something I could say to you that would help you in this situation. Do what you have to do to protect yourself and your family. That is more your priority than dealing with your sister and her issues. If you meet with her give yourself permission to leave if it heads off in a direction you don’t want. Be calm, be direct but above all be cautious. We are all pulling for you. Best regards.
Good luck with this iaccus. My sister and I have a very stained relationship. If she call and wanted to meet with me, I am not sure if I could go and meet with her without all by self defences close at hand. Good luck with what ever you decide.