Predators and preys (poem)

Walking in the shadows of the nights,
Aimlessly wondering, nerves and frightened
The cries of the little boy inside him
Echoing silently, his fears got heightened

Searching for his childhood memories
In the confusing thoughts of yesterday
Will he ever be able to find them?
Or will they forever be gone away?

He remembers the wolf when it attacked
He remembers his pride tied in a chain
But he can't remember how it all started
And he can't remember what was to gain

He remembers the needle stuck in his body
He remembers the terror; he remembers the pain
But he can't remember why he was chosen
And he can't remember why he was slain

No one was there to hear his cries,
No one was there to guide his soul
No one was there to lick his wounds
No one was there to assume that role

He was just another child victim
Wounded and forgotten by the wayside
Wasn't there any one to rescue him?
And bring him happiness and pride?

O you who created love and affection,
Why didn't you give him some?
Didn't you see him lost and wary?
Didn't you see what he had become?

Such is life, will always be a battle
The predator hunting the prey
He, who's innocent and trusting,
His soul is the price he'll pay