Post your funny stories


I heard an interview on NPR that was about how good it is for you to laugh.
Kids laugh 100’s of times throughout the day and many adults only every couple of weeks. I know I get too busy and worried and down to laugh. So I have been trying to remind myself to laugh, to look for funny things throughout the day.

Do you have any funny stories you can tell me?
Doesn’t have to be the funniest, just a little funny.
It doesn’t even have to have happened to you.
If you would be on the lookout for them I would really appreciate it.



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Lol. I assume you are comfortable with it given you shared and I know I am warped-always wanted a hearse of my own to drive but That IS funny Toad so long as you aren’t freaked by it.

Thank you for making me smile today.
we lived in a small town the downstairs was used as a funeral parlor when needed, the only bathroom was downstairs i was prob 4 or 5 then, at night if there was a body downstairs i opened a window to pee no way was i walking past the room with a dead body in it at night, nope nope nope.


My cousin, and 2 of her gf's were riding in the front seat of her parents 57 Chevy. A car full of boys pulled up next to them at a red light, and asked them to meet them somewhere. My aunt popped up out of the back seat, and said they can't go. The boys burned rubber! :p
one night on patrol, snowstorm, about 2 am we are driving down a backstreet and out of the dark we see a single headlight tracking down a path on the side of the road. The light is low and we realize it is a snowmobile. Not unsual up here. As the machine passes our squad car it passes in front of our headlights and we see there is no one on it. Cant get out and catch it, the road doesnt continue that direction. We call HPD and track it along the highway until it strays off the path and gets stuck a mile down the road. Next day a local calls asking if we have seen his machine and offers no explanation.