PLEASE! pray for my family



Sending you love and hugs. I know way too well the awkward, bitter silence when parts of families are at war. No details since this isn't meant to be about me, but I get it. Take it slow, be easy on yourself and recognize if someone's trying to bully you. I know from experience that families can be incredibly cruel, and the death of a loved one can make it even more acrimonious. Take care.


Victor my friend, I hope that I can call you that as over the last couple of years you've offered me sage advice and support on my journey and helped more than you can imagine. Sending you my prayers and support.

Take good care of yourself.




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thanks, guys.
i don't know what else to say.
your support is much needed and appreciated.
feeling down and dark and every little stream of sunshine counts.

[font:Book Antiqua]
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.



[font:Courier New]SIT.REP=FUBAR
mood: dark
light: dim
energy: low
outlook: grim
battery: empty
power: drained
drive: stalled
soul: stained
force: weak
shields: 10%
reserves: exhausted
spirit: spent[/font]



This is one example of the type of news stories that are being published.
No facts, no information, no details.
Mostly speculation, rumour and opinion.

We, the extended family are still in the dark.
Lost in a void of confusion, anger and pain.

The rest of the family (my in-laws) have shunned my sister because she was the only one that did not shun the mother after the custody battle.

instead, my sister chose to include and support the mother through the difficult divorce. now, some have gone so far as to publicly blame my sister for the death. my sister has been condemned and convicted by public opinion, and was excluded and forbidden to attend memorial services, etc. this ostracism also, by extension, included my sister's children, who actually had real relationships with the little girl.

the only reason there was any relationship with the exiled mother and daughter was the direct result of my sister's ongoing efforts to maintain social interaction with the mother and daughter.

i believe that the anger and hostility being demonstrated toward the mother was not healthy for her... or her little girl.

[quote:LOCAL NEWSPAPER ARTICLE] [font:Courier New][size:17pt]Murder Charge Highlights Need for Mental Health Intervention[/size]

The issue of mental illness has come to the fore in (city) since (mother) was charged with the second-degree murder of her eight-year-old daughter in December 2014.

(mother) is allegedly suffering from severe depression and will remain at a psychiatric hospital until her next court appearance, but has been found fit to stand trial for the murder of her daughter.

Since she was charged, people close to her have raised concerns about her mental health sparking a discussion about how friends and family can best help someone they think may be suffering from mental illness.

Dr.(doctor), a forensic psychiatrist with the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission in (city) told (reporter) that depression is a common condition.

"It affects up to 11% of Canadians at some point in their life, four per cent in any given year," he said.

"Cases like (mother) are very much the exception, but it can happen to any one of us."[/font]


we made it through the first year anniversary of the loss.

at least people are beginning to open up about their feelings finally.

there has been too much anger and blame and not enough mourning.

still no one knows the facts of the story behind this tragedy.

nothing but speculation and rumour, guesses and questions.

no answers. just numb, punctuated by pain and perplexed puzzlement.

does it really matter why?

is there ever any good reason to end a child's life?

i don't think that even the truth would make a difference.
she is gone.

please pray for my family.


really sad that this happened Vic.

I feel aweful I just read this post.

-my heart goes out to you and your family.


Victor I am sorry. I had not read this before. It has to be so hard and I hope you and your family are doing alright. So sad to read. My prayers are with you and your family.



ode to a dead child...

[font:Century Gothic]Where You Are

you are taken away
but your light hasn't left
you just shine in another sky tonight
eight years is not enough time
we can search the world
but we will always wonder why
so we can cry for what have might been
but I would rather be imagining
that now you dance among the stars
and that you're smiling where you are
we may never fully understand
how this fits into the master plan
but you will never be that far
I hope you're smiling where you are
you're smiling where you are

wounds turn to scabs
scabs into scars
the hidden marks that you left on us all
before you'll trade our sadness for strength
because if we live for you
you are never really gone
so we can cry for what might have been
but I would rather be imagining
that now you dance among the stars
that you're smiling where you are
we may never fully understand
how this fits into the masterplan
but you will never be that far
I hope you're smiling where you are
you're smiling where you are

this is our promise to you
we'll take care of one another
that's what you want us
that's what you want us to do
so we can cry for what might have been
but I would rather be imagining
that now you dance among the stars
and that you're smiling where you are
we may never fully understand
how this fits into the master plan
but you will never be that far
I hope you're smiling where you are
you're smiling where you are [/font]

Beth Crowley


When 17-year-old Claire Davis was killed at the Arapahoe High School shooting in December, a fellow classmate reached out to Beth Crowley to write a song in her honour. "Where You Are" is intended to pay tribute and celebrate a short but meaningful life. All sale proceeds of the song will go toward a foundation in Claire's name. I have changed only one word in this poem... the victim's age.

[font:Arial Black]DECEMBER 4, 2015 - NEWSPAPER UPDATE:[/font]
[font:Courier New]
The trial of a mother charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of her eight-year-old daughter nearly one year ago is still nowhere near ready to be scheduled, the womans lawyer confirmed.

The accused has been in custody at a psychiatric hospital since her daughters body was discovered in the back of a car on Dec. 10, 2014.

Following a court appearance a week later, at which a fitness assessment was ordered for the mother, the defense lawyer told reporters that the clients mental health was a very serious concern that cast doubt on whether a trial could proceed.

In January 2015, however, she was deemed fit to stand trial.[/font]

[font:Arial Black]DECEMBER 12, 2015 - NEWSPAPER UPDATE:[/font] [font:Courier New]Dad launches campaign to prevent violence against children.

On the one-year anniversary of his 8-year-old daughter's death, Dad didn't go to work. His sons, ages 3 and 9, didn't go to school. Instead, the family put on videos of the "sweet and loving soul" with that unmistakable sparkle in her eyes, and cried.

"We knew it would be a terrible day and it was," dad said. "We embraced the reality that it's a devastating day and we should feel sad, we should be mad."

He isn't crippled by the crying anymore; it's not what his daughter would have wanted. In the spring, the grieving father and his current wife launched a non-profit advocacy organization focused on driving policy and procedural change to prevent violence against children, and it's beginning to pick up steam.

Dad is pushing the federal government to appoint a national childrens' advocate whose focus is on the well-being of children, not the financial aspect of childcare. He also would like to see children have legal representation in custody cases.

The father's focus remains on his daughter. He wants her life, cut far too short, to be celebrated, so some good can come out of her death.


this tragedy is still causing problems in my family.
nothing good can come from it.
doesn't feel real. big black cloud.
no one wants to think about it. the horror continues.

verdict. guilty. murder.
sentence. life in prison.
i'm speechless.