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EMDR was one of my primary goals toward ptsd therapy, I studied and was helped by my therapist a lot. We went through about 3 preparation sessions about how to ground when it's time to stop. To put away the work, and especially to focus on only the one part that's processing in that days EMDR session.

My therapist had us stop for about 3 months in the beginning because she saw me dissociating. I went through a workbook about dissociation and listed things to see it clearer. When I was finally ready to get started again, it was very difficult at first. I cried a ton.

When we did each session my therapist would ask me between rounds "how do you feel now?" and I had to deal with waves of tension around my body, and especially in my front brain. I assume it's my prefrontal cortex kicking in for the first time on these intense memories and the emotions that go along with them. She might also ask me about where the tension was in my body, and did it feel like pressure in, or out, or something else? Sometimes stopping to explain the "Window of Tolerance" and a specific about Attachment or Survival Mode.

My therapist is very careful to make sure I am in the moment of the part I have chosen to have that round. I think we usually did about 6-7 rounds per session, with about 15-20 seconds of EMDR (finger version), and then the break between, which was about 1-5 minutes depending if I was crying and being too tense, or we discussed something.

I have done these to where I am now, for the first time, feeling worthy and justified about what my reactions have been. It's a breakthrough for me to begin to really love myself, and care what's happening to me. It's a very big deal for me.

Thanks for reading and knowing me here in the forums.

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