Pennsylvania Bungles Retroactive Window Law... Again


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I'm speechless, again, as Pennsylvania lawmakers have again bungled the enactment of a two year window for civil child sex abuse cases right before it was to go before a public referendum statewide. One of many story links from NBC Philadelphia. In this instance, the PA State Department failed to place the legally required public notice about the legislation in year two of the two year process for a constitutional change.

As a survivor, the whole mess just adds to the feeling that we don't matter enough to enough people to get this done. In spite of many many survivors and advocates supporting this effort -- Twitter hashtag #windowtojustice -- and dedicated and committed legislators like Rozzi and Gregory, this effort keeps running into one obstacle after another, while many other states have enacted the retroactive windows giving survivors an opportunity for justice and compensation.

I just don't know what to do, or what to feel, or what action to take. At the very least, I want to share the news and my gut-punch disgust.

Jacob S

that's so frustrating. unacceptable.


There ought to be no Statute of Limitations Laws (SOLs) or "windows" civil or criminal. Period. for sexual abuse victims whatsoever. SOL's are Justice given for some is JUSTICE DENIED FOR ALL, in ANY STATE of this Country !!!!