Passing of Peter Corbett USAF (ret.)

I'm sorry to announce the passing of a great friend and fellow United States Air Force veteran this past Wednesday afternoon (1/30/2020). He was active here on MS for many years. He went into the USAF in 1956 at the age of 17. He did flyovers during the Cuban Missle Crisis in '62 and spent time in Nam. He was stationed in Ramstein AFB for many years until retirement. He was married, raising a son, and two grandsons in Germany. He moved back here to the US after retirement and lived here till his passing the past Wednesday. He was cremated and his remains were sent back to Germany to his family.

He was very proud of his service to his country and I was very proud to have known him.
Thanks, Jim

Yeah, he was a good guy but then we all are. We always talked about our service stories. But he was a lifer and had a lot more to talk about than me. But I was impressed by the things he did.


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He lives on in our memories, which is kinda cool to this of in this way, that I/we can remember his words and intentions, and how he helped others. Sad to hear of his passing.


Very sorry to hear it. I was lucky enough to have a few conversations with him, and read his wise words in the forums. Will miss him.
It's sad but I'm happy about all the lives he touched. The military was his life and I couldn't have thought of a better place to start a thread like this.

TJ jeff

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Peter was a kind and gentle man - greatly missed - sad we drifted apart in the last few years


I'm so glad you shared this with us.
I did not have the privilege of knowing him. To my recollection we never spoke.

Many of us have lost friends from here in MS ... and sad to say most of us don't know it.
Guys just disappear and go unnoticed ... and that in itself is tragic.

Of course there are some of us who do know first hand or through the kindness of his close friends or acquaintances that we shared.
I have lost 2.
I have lost more than that and don't know what happened ... and that perhaps is more painful.
I (we) are left wondering ... "Did I do something wrong ... did I fail him somehow?"
I can only hope that each of them have gone on to a better life and no longer need MS.

You are a very kind, considerate friend for letting those who cared for him know of his passing.
I don't know what happens when we "shed this mortal coil".
I wish for him that which he didn't know in life ... peace.
Hey Shyshark

I didn't know how many guys he knew here and we all tend to drift away and some drift back but we never know what happened to the guys that don't return. I just thought that I would mention his passing and letting people know he's not coming back here. Also, give him sort of a memorial. He was helpful to a lot of people. You mention that we are left wondering and I think the wondering is what hurts and bothers us the most. As a kid, I lived with other (let's call them) street kids and every so often kids wouldn't show up to play ball or hang out. You wonder if they moved on or what. I still wonder what happened to a lot of them.
I wish for him that which he didn't know in life ... peace.
Those are really super kind words.