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Welcome to MS - I'm glad you were able to find this site and hope that it will be of great help to you - I'm also really glad that you are finding local help too (I know how hard it is for some of us to find local help)

I'm really glad that you are starting to see that you are not your mothers slave - that what she has been doing to you for so very many years is very wrong of her to do - no mother should ever use her own child in a sexual way

I'm glad you were able to take that collar off

I'm glad you were able to have sex with someone who you love and want to have sex with

I'm glad too that you were able to say no to your own mother

these are all possitive steps in taking back control from your mother

Now I feel I must pay and shame myself somehow.
I know that feeling - I know it well (I shamed myself for years because of the abuse of my past) - I hope that you are able to see though that it's a feeling that is false - that it is a feeling that is directly linked to the abuse - that it would never be within you if not for the abuse of your mother

I came close...but I didn't give in! I'm proud of myself actually.
I'm proud of you too :) (I know you are asking yourself "how could this guy who does'nt even know me be proud of me?" - well... I am... because I know from firsthand experience just how hard it is to stop doing some of the negative behaviors that abuse can make us do)

Yes - you really do deserve love :)

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It's already a sign of great progress that you're able to talk about all this. After all, controlling broken behaviors has to begin by admitting that this is what they are - broken behaviors. I know you're going to find nothing but understanding and support here for these problems; among other things you will see you are not alone and that others have struggled with similar issues and have been successful.

Much love,
Greetings to you Shame, welcome aboard, welcome to hell too, as we all have been there and I'm still in there. Here you will find compassion, understanding and love. We have bared our souls to each other, and they have in return. We all TRY and help each other, we may not all agree on everything posted, but as far as I am concerned, I am HOME, right here, right now and with the right people. I need every one of them. Oh yes my "mother" was the first to get to me, then came my main perpetrator (male). Oh yes about that compulsive stuff, well I'm still a compulsive masturbator 50+ years after the fact. Again welcome, my friend. Heal well.
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Why leave before the job is finished??? You think that you can continue to compartmentalize this and continue to live behind your walls, never to realize your potential, and that you can muddle through and someday the hurt will magically dissipate?

You made a great start in opening-up and beginning to trust us. This isn't an easy job, but the rewards of completing it are great.

Thinks about all of the things that you are not able to experience or participate in because of your fears and precautions.

When you are ready you are always welcome to come back. We all here trying to find our freedom together.

Finding our freedom is a lot easier together than it is alone.

We are all hoping for the best for you,