Outside the Lies


Outside of lies

The end of an era
THe death of a legend
The rebirth of truth
As a phoenix it rises
Clearing the ashes
Of anger and lies

Hatred relishes its' reign
And love cowers in vain
The devils dance
As a soul is scarred
The apocolypse comes
Yet the end not reached

THe angels fly
High above the din
Avoiding the pain
And living in harmony
But people must wish
FOr the world to change
Or the angels will fly
And not come nigh

Now look in my eyes
And see in my soul
Still show no suprise
As scars are not seen
Hidden deep within
Cowering out of sight
FOr now I live life
Outside of the lies.


The Dean

Hey, terrific Scott. Thanks for the positive message that we can overcome a lot of the crap.