open letter to trans people


Please move this to a more appropriate subforum if necessary. I wasn't sure where I should post this as I'm cisgender and mostly straight (I don't believe everyone is 100% anything).

Dear Transgender and nonbinary people:. I'm sorry for my previous transphobia. Since my own identity, especially my gender identity, was denied and denigrated much of my life, i was quite uncomfortable with this issue of human diversity. That was *never* your responsibility, but my own issue to deal with in therapy, which I am proud to say I've been continuing to do. It occurred to me that your identity, especially your gender identity, has been denied to you by your own *biology*. I now have realized the trans experience isn't something to be triggered by, but something to learn from about reclaiming my identity. I'm sorry if I may have hurt any of you during my time of painful healing.