Online sexual predators eager to take advantage of greater access to kids during COVID-19, police warn


can confirm in my state there was a zoom conference for a kindergarten class when some perv hacked it and showed his genitals to all of them. I am interested to hear what technological solutions (maybe a secure browser for kid access with a blacklist of sites?) they will use to counter this issue.


It is so sad. Too many are silent of people around them they suspect of being sexual abusers. A friend said to me it is no difference than the abuse that occurs in the home, from parent to child, child to parent, spouse to spouse, child to elderly--it can be physical, neglect, sexual, abandonment, etc--it goes on and on. Too often people protect the abuser to protect their fears or distorted sense of reality and truth. I wish I had an answer, it is a terrible epidemic.
I helped initiate a 12 Step meeting with a special focus on Childhood Trauma and Its Impact. With the pandemic our fellowship created Zoom meetings. At our second meeting we were "zoom bombed" with a sexually explicit video filling the screen. It was horrifying for the members present, though my own experience with pornography made the images less shocking. It took us some time to learn how to manage Zoom so it couldn't happen again. Yes, there are damaged people all around us who will do harm if given the opportunity and it comes in many forms as Kevin notes. The pandemic has doubtless aggravated the situation and those sheltering-in-place with perpetrators are not likely having an easy time of it. Sadly, there is no easy answer for any of this. We are fortunate that we can reach out for support on MS from people who understand. I wish us all well as we navigate through the pandemic.