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Hi I was wondering if you have had any requests for diaries on MS.

At a site I was at before I found this place there were a few options: Trauma Diary, a private space for a diary and A place for public diary the only place that was interactive with other members. I used the trauma and the public diary I they help me to write. Just a thought.
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Is there still a moderator team? it has been a long time since we had and update. Is this site still safe? It seems people are thinking it is not safe here. would like an update on what is going on with the site.

Thanks in advance for your response
i agree with the update question just whats going on ? , is it a $ issue with no pm or hc in the chat rooms ? if so a fund raiser dedicated just for that could be started up to help defray the cost of finishing the chat rooms i for one would donate towards it,, it really would be nice to know where things stand right now , i know everyone put in many long hours trying to set things right but its been like what 6 months or more ?, it would be nice to give the guys some type of update...thanks in advance for your help. .....BB
I agree bb. I think they have done a lot of work. There are things about chat that it would be nice to know what the problem is.

Doesn't seem to have many moderators or administration online any more either to ask and there is not a list you can go to to find someone to ask.

Hoping for changes to happen. Have all the things back into chat. No news is not good in this case.

Take care

C. E.

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Thought I would check in and assure you that the mod team is alive and well. I can't speak for the others, but a lot of my "real" life was put on hold for weeks during the transition to the new site, and I know that is true for some of the others as well. Like Newton's Third Law, the equal and opposite reaction of a huge number of volunteer hours is the need to make up the lost ones that bring income and get back to paying the bills. I'm finally catching up with all that and starting to settle back into the groove, so I think I'll be a bit more "present" here at MaleSurvivor than I have been over the past few weeks.

We've had many obstacles and it's something of a small miracle we survived the transition as we have. In the process we have found that site functionality is far greater in most areas - but in some others it has been a challenge. Stability of the site and safety are vastly improved. However, the chat function is not what we had been led to expect in terms of the kind of flexibility and capability for running HC sessions. HC was designed so fully around the unique capabilities of the older chat system that it simply could not be remolded around the new system. We spent days trying to invent schemes to make it work. But of the many brick walls we've scaled or busted through to get this site back up and running, HC has been without a doubt the toughest because of the limitations of the chat module. That does not mean we have given up - but being an all-volunteer staff, we simply ran the gamut of the time and effort getting done what we have so far. For HC to run, we are going to need to approach the developers and ask for them to custom-program new capabilities for us. It is our intention to build an HC-capable chat lounge, so please stay tuned.
Thanks for the up date. I am sure you have all been busy. All you have done is very much appreciated. I know that migration can be difficult and the site is working well just some issues with chat and private chat. I will stay tuned thanks.

Take care