On The Doll Misandrist Violence(Triggers)


I watched a double castration scene of a movie called "ON THE DOLL". It is NOT a movie for sex abuse survivors. It makes us men and males look like evil people who deserve to be tortured.

I wanted to bring it to the attention of men on the board not to watch it.
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Well Marinan: The best way to avoid male survivors of female abuse to watch this movie - was probably not to mention it all!!! This way we would not have known about it.

Sometimes I watch movies that deals with topics that are very triggering and are very uncomfortable, since I can relive some emotions safely and get in contact with burried feelings. So I did some research and actually wanted to watch the movie (When I feel up to it one day) - Since I have a rapidshare Account it only took 15 min and the movie was downloaded to my hardrive.

Wikipedia had an article on the the movie "On the Doll": The Plot synopsis tells this:

Multiple lives cross in this story of victims and victimizers, and how the pain of early childhood traumas can continue throughout the characters' adult lives. Jiz is an intelligent yet socially insecure young man who struggles to work at an adult newspaper. He was victimized as a child by a friend of his father. Jiz's name comes from the nickname his dad gave him while making him mop up the messes left behind in the peep show booths at the neighborhood porn shop. One day he meets Balery who has come in to place an ad in the adult newspaper. At first Jiz refuses to run the ad because he knows Balery is looking to hire a hit man, but then he reluctantly decides to take on the job himself in order to make the money he needs to pay off a local crime boss to let an indebted callgirl go free. Meanwhile, Wes continues whoring out his girlfriend Chantel in order to make enough money to buy her an engagement ring just to shut her up about his lack of commitment. Yet he gets violently upset when he discovers she's been performing lurid sex acts on her customers just to make the extra money he wants. And two intimately close high school girls Melody and Courtney play sexy and flirtatious games with their teacher Mr. Garrett in order to improve their grades, without realizing the violent dangers all their teasing could lead to.

So the movie is interesting since it has a male lead performer - with a history of childhood sexual abuse - and how it affects his adult life and the people he comes into contact with.

I find it interesting that you focus on the castration scenes! Castraction is of course is the ultimate demasculation of men - But Who can blame some survivors of sexual abuse NOT TO FANTAZISE ABOUT GETTING EVEN WITH OUR MALE PERPETRATORS BY CASTRACTING THEM? I know I have.

So while I do agree that this is not a chick flick for a saturday snuggle date on the couch, it may have some value in the protraying of JIZ, the lead character.

Marinan: How did you find this movie? Was it the topic that attracted you? Also are feelings of demasculation and female domination and MISANDRY issues in your recovery?