Odd things about you because of the abuse

Bradley P

Wow. Such commonality.

I can't urinate in public ever, no matter how hard I try. And I hate the sound; always turn on water when doing it even if alone.
I hate mouth noises. I will literally stop and freeze if I hear whistling in public.

Wonder what makes these things so...?


I thought I was the only one who peed on the side of the toilet bowl so it wouldn’t make noise. I think I have figured out why. It’s amazing how you guys bringing it up has allowed me to think through it. I also hate using a urinal with other people in the bathroom.
with other people in the bathroom.
IN the bathroom is impossible. Right outside the bathroom is impossible. I need them to be at least a mile away (so to speak)
a whole thread on this topic is here:



I can't stand the sound of running water. I can't stand being touched on the ears or neck, or having anyone put their arm around my shoulders. Don't want to be touched at all by men. Can't stand hearing people eat. Those commercials for KitKat bars are intolerable, as well as commercials for potato chips or anything like that. I can't stand people wearing baseball caps backward. Something I wish could be outlawed: scenes of men and boys being hit in the groin for laughs in TV shows and movies: there's nothing funny about it, it's too painful.
I’m terrified of the thought of prostate exams and colon screenings. While it was happening, I was terrified of certain classmates and gym class and that should have set off red flags that me being suddenly afraid to go to gym class after the first assault and that the two might be related but no, the school chose to blame me and literally said it was of my “own doing.” I also don’t like being touched in certain ways without permission. I will freeze and refuse to relax until I’m left alone.


Wow I thought I was the only one that couldn't or found it difficult to pee in a public urinal, especially at baseball stadiums with the trough type. I usually wait in line for a toilet. I can if it's a Wal-Mart but I have to close my eyes and think of a waterfall to start the flow. I sometimes don't start to pee until no one is in the restroom with me. I also pee on the side of the toilet bowl so no one hears me so I'm not embarrassed by them knowing I'm peeing. Being put down because I'm not very athletic in sports. Having someone touch my stomach, even my partner.
TMI, but I can't handle being constipated. I used to overuse laxatives, and still take a stool softener every day and drink tons of water.


Even today, when I get nervous or anxious, I tend to bite the joints in my hands. It's a habit I've had since I was little and I've been trying to break it. Talking to my sister, who surprised my abuser with me (at the time I was 4 years old) she said that I was very embarrassed. I was so embarrassed that I put my hand over my mouth and began to bite hard. I also started to cry a lot. After this conversation, I found out that this is a habit that stems from abuse.