nope this is appropriate for this forum... seeking support from both men and women


How can I gain faith and trust in the female gender when so many women seam to believe that their gender can do no wrong? I don't want to be a hateful person.
Find better women to hang out with.

Anyone who thinks their gender is wonderful and other genders are useless is not someone worth paying much attention to.
One thing that might be helpful and give you more choice in how you feel is to regard the people who've hurt you to be individuals first, who happened to be women. Someone's orientation/life dynamics/groups and relationships they experience will affect how they see others, and in the case of mothers or hurtful relationships with women, it's easy to make a mistaken conclusion that the acts of individuals always represent some group they be long to as a whole. But men and women can be capable of great cruelty and their are men and women (and people who do not identify with these words) who are kind and supportive. I hope you meet more of those.