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Pain so great
Terror so true
Visions so real
And horror unmatched
Torterous acts
Concieved by the devil
Yet commited by men
Depression overwhelming
And fear debilitating
Love unknown
And hate ellusive
No feelings are true
All that exsists is the pain
Emotions banned
And heart removed
Unworthiness is the only feeling I know
Evil acts done by evil men
Yet still I believe the evil is me
My heart cries out in silent prayer
Pleading for this pain to leave
Yet its power is unrellenting
As the tide
It carves out its place
And leaves the wounds to fester
It coils around me and through me
As an insideous snake
Stealing my air
And pumping its poison
The pain unhealed
And goodness unseen
My soul quietly dies
As my spirit crumbles
Still I look up to the sky
Hoping to be saved
Yet salvation eludes me
And the fires consume me
As I sink once again
Into insanity


The Dean

Scott, this is a poem that speaks for me as well as for you. As I read it I kept saying Yes! Yes! Yes!

I have to hope that the fear at least lessens enough that it no longer cripples us.

As evil as sexual abuse is, I still feel that adults could control themselves if they wanted to. They have to take responsibility for their actions. They freely, willingly and knowingly harmed a kid--no excuses for that.

In Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago a gang reprisal had a person shoot a 12 year old boy in both legs. Nothing can even lessen the guilt of that.

A person recently suggested that the courts should save tax dollars by letting the family of victims of violence have the convicted criminal for 48 hours, with the only restriction that they may not kill him. It is brutal, and I don't think I would really want to see us become that kind of nation. But I think it speaks to how so many are harmed when a child is harmed.

Take care--and thanks for a poem that says things I wanted to say and couldn't.



There are no words.

Peace and love,