News story from Canada <<<TRIGGER WARNING>>>

I haven't read it all, but I noticed the guy only got four years in prison. FOUR YEARS. This person arguably took years of life and maybe a productive fifty years from his victim and -- all he gets is four years incarceration. This man probably killed a soul -- and all he gets is a lousy four years. Maybe it was only four years because of his age. Why not life for the destruction he caused. I just looked up the maximum penalty in Canada and it is higher than 4 years. It gets up to 14 year. Still not enough.

Sorry to vent. I appreciate your posting the story.
Thanks for the post Seagull. A tragic story for sure. I am sorry he past away and didn't get to see his justice. Even though the sentence was so low for the damage he did.

It was 60's was when I was abuse in the basement to a Baptist church. Not by the pastor it was a youth leader they got to look after kids while the church service was going on.