Wow, I'm doing it, I'm posting something here. When I clicked to sign up, I assumed that they gave you a day to think about what you've done before you start posting. So I can't believe I'm actually posting now.

I've belonged to another Male Survivor site some years ago, which sadly is now defunct. While I was never much of a regular poster there, (I'm kinda a "drive by" guy when it comes to computer in general), I liked that there was other folks who could say "I know how you feel" and generally, it's true. Not that I want a whole bunch of other people to have gone through this shit, but it's good to have that acknowledgement.

I don't know that I want to say too much just yet. But hell, at least I'm posting something. My life is good, better than I deserve, but the past is continually taking away my enjoyment of things and my peace of mind. Ignoring it has only worked for so long, now it's time to face it head on, or at least as head on as I can.
Welcome Dre... a simple introduction is a great place to begin. You're right... none of us wanted to be members of this particular club but most of us found great relief when we discovered it exists. Here were tell the truth about our struggles; our pain and our stories are received without judgment. Men here know this territory from first hand experience. We can listen and we can offer support. Check out the website and when you find something that speaks to you, join the conversation. You'll find kindred spirits here regardless of the nature of trauma you experienced. I'm glad you found us and chose to introduce yourself. All the best on your healing journey... that is, after all, what we're doing here.
Thank you Visitor, for your reply. I will try to "jump in" some places to the best of my ability here. It may just take a little while. I appreciate your welcome.

The Bluefoot

Everyone deserve peace, enjoyment funny, love, quiet times, healing. Here we learn how to do that and be ourselves, share who we really are, what has really happened to us and we have lived in hell and survived, and got to this point. No one wants to join a club like this one, but we are very grateful that it is here to help us and we love its help. I am here only less then 3 months and it has turn my life around for the better. I made new friends, started to see a small lite at the very long dark tunnel, and took a vacation from my job. And wrote many stories please read them. I enjoy feed back, I love to talk welcome to our group may your healing journey be peaceful.
Thank you all for the welcomes, it is appreciated, and takes some of the trepidation away.