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Dale M

Hello all, I am new to this site...I just registered on Friday. I look forward to interacting with people here. Thanks for letting me join. I have to say that there are some brave folks in here. I will be telling my story soon also.

Welcome Dale. Yes, there are many brave men here and the truth is, being among men willing to tell the truth about the trauma they experienced makes it easier for each of us to tell our own truth of what happened. Of course, none of us wanted what happened to us and none of us is pleased to have "qualified" for this particular fellowship, but since we do carry the residue of trauma, there is great good in being here and sharing our experience and support with one another. We're not alone... which is a profound relief. So welcome. Explore the different forums which cover a wide range of issues. Sexual trauma comes in many different forms and it is good to spend time with kindred spirits. But the common thread is we've all working to heal and we're willing to support one another along the way. You will find men who know what you've experienced and are available to support you. Welcome.
Hi, Dave -

I am SO sorry you needed to find us, yet so glad you did.

Here you will find understanding, comradeship, and brothers. We all are kindred because of our shared backgrounds. It is a safe place for you to talk, vent, or whatever you need to. We are here for you and you are NEVER alone here!



Hi Dale ...

You will meet many good men here and one point should be noted.

We are not all the same.

The diversity and differences of our stories are of immense importance.
It is through new ideas and concepts that we grow.
Often the pieces of our puzzles that don't fit right or are simply missing altogether
can be found in another man's experience.

Try not to focus only on stories that mirror yours ... there's a whole new world to explore here.
Embrace it all.

It's not just doom and gloom ... not just tears.
There is humour ... smiles and laughter ... camaraderie.
God ... if we were all the same in here it would be boring as hell.
It's not.


Welcome to MS Dale ....

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Hi Dale

Welcome to MS. Sorry for what has brought you here, I am also glad you had the courage to reach out. Many good guys here to talk with and try to figure out where you are going in this. You are not alone and none of this was your fault. Be gentle on yourself and take your time it is a long journey we are on.

Take good care