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Hey, I'm Procario. I'm 30 years old. I survived trauma from two different people that I trusted to never hurt me, one being my ex girlfriend. It's causing a lot of difficulty in my new relationship, which is why I'm here. I'm on the east coast and love to go to the beach to soak up the sun and look for critters in the tide pools. I like learning languages and taking care of my animals in my spare time, a pet cat and a pet crab. I have adhd and if I flip flop between thoughts quickly, try not to get whiplash. Its because my mind is racing. Anyway, I think that's good enough for an introduction right? If I missed anything or have any curiosities, let me know.
Welcome Procario. Now that is a name I have never heard before. Did you miss anything? What about your favorite pizza topping? LOL. But seriously welcome. We are all struggling hear and we are hear to support each other.


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@randomnumber Procario is my Italian ancestors last name. It's not my real last name but I'm just so obviously Italian that that's what I'm called by friends anyway lol.

I'm glad to have found this place!

@Jim1104 Haha I have such a hard time composing thoughts in a way that doesn't give readers whiplash.
I am too! I have high hopes for this place.

The Bluefoot

Welcome , This is a great place and have saved many of us, and educated us all. Please be free to ask questions and read our stories. When you feel comfortable had yours. You said "survived trauma from two different people " you said one was GF who was the second one? I was abused by 6 different people over 11 1/2 years starting at age 6. You don't have to say Just a question.