New Forum and Chat Platform - Questions & Concerns


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A NEW SOFTWARE PLATFORM will be installed on the MaleSurvivor servers in early February, resulting in a down time estimated to be between 2-3 weeks. A Global sticky post will be appended to all forums describing the transition. Any questions or concerns may be asked here, and while we cannot promise quick responses, moderators will keep tabs on this thread and respond when we can.

PLEASE: Read this announcement before posting any questions here, as you may find we have already addressed the questions you may have.
I wonder if I should ask this in a different way? The first thing that popped into my head was a short-term, 2-3 week closed Facebook group? I know it would need moderators and rules like here.

What if?
It is an interesting thought, but setting up a new Facebook platform that is not designed to handle the volume or structure of the current forum, the inability to cross-reference to existing threads, utilizing a limited volunteer staff to design and operate it while they are already focused and fully taxed on moving the upgrade along with the current platform as quickly and efficiently as possible, not to mention the different rules for Facebook with possible legal restrictions, the need for moderation, the great difficulty in setting up anonymous and protected user profiles that also correlate to recognized user profiles on MS, the disjointed conversations that would inevitably result between two different platforms, and then the need to close those Facebook conversations once the main forum is back up ... I am not sure that it is at all feasible, necessary, or even realistically possible. Given the relatively short period the site will be down, I think it is best to focus on devoting our efforts solely on this demanding and important project without the distraction of trying to create and run another. Just my thoughts.

Please understand that we are sensitive to the need for continuity. That is why we are providing numerous links to other resources, including RAINN, 1in6, MenHealing, as well as the Twitter feeds and Facebook posts that will keep everyone updated during the relatively short period the site will be down.
As LoneWolfX & TJ Jeff said elsewhere, the announcement is easily lost in all of the other Posted threads at the top of each forum.

Even with that red icon, it isn't easy to notice, that there IS, in fact, a NEW announcement.

What else can we do to get the word out?
The announcement is always at the top in every forum. But I am thinking a banner announcement or a pop-up is called for. I will work on getting that implemented through channels (it's a step above my pay grade :) )
Wheels are now moving on this one, so stay tuned. Ironically, we are working within the limits of the very software vehicle we want to replace for its lack of flexibility in situations like this.
Hi, not sure if i am using the right thread, feel free to direct me to the one.
Want to make a small suggestion: can we have a mute button somewhere on top of the chat - i had to use a hardware mute button of my laptop and stop listening to music because i can't find one. Thanks! (superhappy MS is back online)
I wonder if there is anyway to get the count right for the number of people in the chat room. It does not give you any Idea of who or how many are there.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
Take Care
Thanks I hope there is something that can be done I like the feature but wish the number and names were correct.

take care


Hi. I have a question.
What is the reaction score?
It is in my account page underneath how many posts I have made. My score is 0


New question:

I see that our status designations have changed in the past few days. Can someone explain to me what the difference is between "Member" and "Active Registrant"? I feel like I just got "demoted" from Member to Registrant and am not sure what the qualifications are for each. Thanks.
I'd suggest that you have a dark theme that would work in low light situations. I find that I'm on late at night or before the sun comes up, and a dark theme would make the site easier on the eyes. Apart from that, most apps have a dark theme or mode these days.
I am wondering why, when a non member ("lurker") reads the forums, The last Section, "Healthy Living" (forums: "Health and Well-Being", "HIV/AIDS", & "Spirituality and Survivors") is blocked out, requiring the reader to log in first.

Every other forum is wide open for all (including lurkers) to view. Is this intentional? And, if so, why?