Need for updated bib, sex addiction component

Jem Ofaguy

I'd like to see an updated bibliography for this topic (have new resources been added to the January 10 original?). I'd also like to see a bib on male sex addicts who experienced early sex abuse at the hands of women. That would be especially relevant to me and, it seems, many others.


Staff member
Hello Jem, I'm a Mod here and can add to that list if you want to share some you've thought of? I don't know much about the creation of that list other than reading those posts just now. It looks like a lot of time went into that, and a registrant must have had that time. Please realize any Mod here is a volunteer, and we (would usually) have our job taking a lot of our time. Then there's family for some. If you want to suggest some, and link them, that will give me a chance to read the suggestions and if need be, run them by the Mod Review Process.

That last would be when the material shows it's not connected to an authored source with credentials.

I think your right, that list would benefit from recent material, and I hope anyone who has a suggestion, uses Link to share what they're looking for? It's quicker when we review the suggestions. Men have too long suffered on the sidelines, and advocating for us will take efforts from all those willing to engage. I'm impressed that original list is as long as it is. It does represent a body of work that heretofore I had little awareness of. Anecdotally I knew we're studied, and have read some over the few years here. Female abusers are a very big problem and giving the suggestions will help.

To all: Suggest here, or direct a suggestion to a Mod whom you want to start a conversation about this topic.