My Therapy Journal

Unfortunately NC, kid swapping IS a real thing. Sometimes organized rings, that may look like men's clubs, have been known to do this.
How groups of perverts find each other is a mystery to me.


I'm proud of you for having the courage to report it. I it takes such courage to open up and be vulnerable to authorities about it. You did something really strong by doing that
I think he is searching in prayer for HOW to support you and maybe keeping group safe and nontriggering.... perhaps he was triggered or had his own “zit popped.” Thinking positive thoughts for you NC
UPDATE on 12-step leader.... I just sent a text to one of the higher-up CR local leaders to "complain" about my guy's response (or lack thereof).... Just got a response. He will be talking with him tonight and let me know.
Most church based 12 steps groups, are not equipped to deal with what we are contending with.

Most of the leaders are volunteers with very little training beyond how to lead a discussion group and help group members move through the material. Most organizers of church 12 steps do not have the training or resorces in place to cope with this type of child abuse trauma.
It will be interesting to hear how they chose to deal with this but try not to take it too personaly.

My guess is that your story is just too much for what this group can handle.
It is uasualy protocol to protect the group first.

Sometimes a person’s trauma is too much and the group and our trauma creates a secondary trauma for the group.
I left my church because I disclosed too much in a 12 step group.
I came to realize that it was not a good place for me to be open and honest.
So now this place is my suport group and my church.

Sounds like you go to a good church hopefully they will have someone who can come along side of you while you walk this out.
If not you may just need to find your support with your T and your brothers here.

I am really sorry that your going through all this especially in a time of needed support.
Don’t let it through you you’re doing great work embracing a very ugly truth.