My teen rape (Part 5) Warning TRIGGERS

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The next moment my dear babysitter from years ago forcefully plunged his enormous dick down my anus. I had a pillow and screamed in it and wish that I could rather die. The pain was out of this world, and apparently he enjoyed the vocal cries and tears.

After what felt like an eternity he spent his seed inside my tender teen body and informed me that he always knew that I would be a great fuck. He warned me not to mess up his bedding and marched me to the toilet to (in his own words) go and have a drip-dry.

He passed out and I spent the night crying. Early Sunday morning I woke him and screamed that he better take me home now. I wanted to know where my clothes are, and he said that I need to earn it. I was so afraid that he meant another rape. He told me to lay still and again he played my penis to a very stiff one. I was given my first blow-job, and did not want to come to show him that I enjoyed it. It was another betrayal however, as my teen dick erupted in his mouth.

Robby then said that I did not fail his expectations, and that I once again proved that all teen boys produce the sweetest tasting nectar cum.

I am now a man in my 50’s, and remember the proceedings in Robbie’s apartment as if it was yesterday. I chose to move on. I am seeing a professional and we are addressing this dark demons that Robby has planted in my life. I am married for a long time and has a son and a daughter.

Good luck to all who struggle with their demons, please seek help and do not fight alone
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