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At 40 I didn't expect any of this... two months ago I was chatting away with someone via text and we have been talking on and off since November. We decided to meet up (with some coercion on her part, she said if I didn't meet up then to forget it... a huge red flag that I didn't pick up on) we fool around but during things I told her twice not inside as I did not want to have set. At one point she just gets on top and does anyway. Needless to say I was in shock and upset. I ended up leaving shortly thereafter which she was upset about. But really I did not want that and of course my mind first goes to STIs. But it was worse. She's pregnant.

Turns out she tracks her cycle and that was one of the very fertile days. Another fact she left out

I brought up the issue several times and the responses I got was i didnt push her off. I am a grown man.

The other recurring theme is she wants me to get to know her.... really how do I react to that. I think her doing what she did then blaming me afterwards tells me all I need to know.

I am trapped. I don't want a child with this person. I don't want a child period. And to be so callous and unfeeling on her part is just chilling.

I just feel isolated. I can't be the only one but it feels that way
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Hi Snoo, I'm really sorry that happened to you. It is a bitter fact that if you were a woman and the same thing had happened to you, no one would be questioning whether you had been sexually assaulted (and you would be able to end your pregnancy easily). But as a man, no one believes you.

I believe you. You were assaulted. I'm sorry.

If I was in your shoes, I would consult with a lawyer (and perhaps consider going to the police). You're going to be on the hook for support, which is bullshit in this case, but if you get out in front of it and let a lawyer know what happened they may be able to help.


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Yeah I'm sure the police will do nothing. The woman also said to me "good luck trying to prove it" which I did get audio recorded. But yeah I need to find a lawyer.


your experience is rather common ....

do you know the NISVS of the US CDC? A large number of men says what you say at this anonymous random telephone survey all across the US.