My favorite movie line

"That is a personal question and I'll thank you not to ask me that again." Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, after Quarterback Dan Morano asks "Ace", Jim Carrey, for some gum.

What's yours?


This is one of my favorites:

In Airplane: "Don't call me Shirley"

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Airplane is a great movie, sometimes I have a drinking problem!
Another one I really enjoy is MST3K, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Crow, a robot, tries to dig his way back to Earth while in space. He uses a pick axe and opens a hole in the ship. During the chaos that ensues, he tries to reassure everyone by saying "Honest, I calculated the odds of this being really smart with this being really stupid.., and I went ahead and did it anyway. Can you hand me my plans?" The wind blows blueprints in his face. "sure enough, I even had it underlined, 'we shall all DIE!" Argh!!!

I can't find a video clip, but that one is funny.

Here are some excerpts: