My Ex Raped Me


I've never said that out loud. I pieced it together through my exposure to the outside world. The people around me actually guided me strangely enough. Everyone kept telling me their stories. Women and men. She took the condom off in the middle of sex without my consent and I couldn't say anything to stop it. I froze after this point. I ceased to be present. The rest of the relationship was me disassociating. She eventually started a world ending fight that humiliated me even further.

The upside is that it dug up the trauma I had experienced when I was younger and why I couldn't function. I had to be raped to learn that I was sexually abused when I was younger and my cousin showing me porn was wrong. I'm so ashamed of all of this. None of this deserves to happen to anyone, man or woman.
Sorry Der_Adler

Yes it takes a trigger to throw you back to your past. The shame does not belong to you it belongs to your abuser/abusers. Glad you had the courage to say it out loud and I hope it feels relieving to get it off your chest. It shouldn't happen but does more than we can know.


That seems like a huge step forward for you, Der_Adler. It wasn't easy for me to even acknowledge that I had been raped, and to say it out loud makes it way more real and scary. I'm sorry about your abuse when younger.