Music. What are your songs? (recovery, depression, happiness, anything)


Thank you newground for adding the links ... :)

Headphones a must if you have them.

I watch 1 or 2 of their videos every night ... even the serious ones lift my spirit and the fun ones are so good.

Hallelujah is closing in on 600 million views.
They have 19 million patrons.
and their catalogue of songs and videos have 5 billion views.
3 Grammys
90's dance medley was released 3 weeks ago and has already hit 1.5 million views.

Like I said ... I am a huge Pentaholic and really hope you check them out.

The only reason they aren't well known is because people searching for new music never search for A Capella ... :(
I sure never do ... I just stumbled onto them on youtube.
I've been hooked from the first time I saw hallelujah.
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A thought is just a passing train - John Moreland

Shame is a cancer, go easy on your heart


This song never ceases to help me release built up emotions and hope of a better future. First time I heard it, it stopped me in my tracks and it still does today.