Music/Songs that Relate

This is a bit of a spin-off of some other posts I have seen (what concerts have you seen?) & I admit I didn't scroll thru all the pages of past topics so I apologize if this is a retread.

I recently returned from a long road trip where I had time to revisit some of my favorite artists & songs. I've listened to all genre of music & am open to listening to just about anything. Currently I'm on a bit of a country kick & I came across a song that really resonated with me & how I often feel. Not necessarily a "feel good" type of song but rather something I could relate to when struggling to cope.

Aaron Lewis (former front man of rock band Staind of late 90's early 2000's) is doing country now, or at least a version of country depending on your taste. His album "Sinner" that released in 2016 (overall a pretty good album if you care to listen) has a song titled "I Lost It All". I would like to encourage folks to search it up on YouTube or whatever platform & listen to see if you perhaps have a similar connection with it. I don't know anything about the history or true meaning of the song when it was written or performed, but the lyrics really meant something to me as I listened. Would love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to listen & also would like you to possibly suggest a song or songs that you have found to be meaningful to you.

I realize this is potentially going to open a flood gate, but I am really looking for whatever you all find meaningful in your lives. While we all seem to share one or more aspects in our daily struggles to heal & move on, we also have individual experiences that are very much unique to each of us as we were the only ones going thru that at that time in our own lives. I want you to think of this as another way to come together. Please feel free to share.



Elenowen - A Nashville country duo. Wife and husband have amazing harmonies. These lyrics spoke to me on a different level. I found this song last year and its probably one my top 5 all-time songs. Love, love, love this song!

...I know the band Staind well (not personally). Since they're from around the corner. I was never big into country but, I feel it has expanded and so have my tastes in music.

Music is the great communicator, a language in and of itsself. Share away my friend...


"Deep in the night" "Hiding Place" & "Dessert Days " are some of my favorites not just from them but favorite songs to listen too.

Another one I like to sort of sing to myself or feel like someone is singing to me than about me is this classic...

"Don't Cry" by Seal

I have a hard time believing that this song isn't about sexual abuse. But if not, it certainly could be. I will warn you it is a Christian song and realize that is triggering for some.