Music, and talk.


Sinead has been/is a pretty broken person. I've looked her up from time to time. I'm aware of snippets from about the past 5-6 years and other. These lately she's taken to another spiritual path. I hope it soothes her stormy mind.

I've read some of your posts for a while now @michael07 , we'll talk soon.
Thanks. I look forward to connecting with you.

I've always admired Sinead, her heart and her talent. And yes, she's been through a lot. I think she was in those dreaded Magdalene Laundries. Her The Lion and the Cobra cd was a mainstay at my apartment parties. Especially love Mandinka.


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Good songs CJ!

I got to thinking about 1987-1990 and the Flaming Lips came to my mind. When I wasn't in class, or dealing with certain things about my wife's problem with me, I had to be wasted. Totally if I could, but most of the time I remained on the edge of being wasted. "Because a person has to have something to keep them from going insane".

I can't explain how much anger at the world's near total rejection of anything I believed in, and found so few anywhere I went whom I could bond. I've maintained all of those beliefs, and I know they can get to me owing to the way the world works. I've fought the way of societal norms all my life.

Anyway, the end of this song is the destruction of their piano and that worked for me greatly back then, and sometimes now,