Music, and talk.

@wgrrcb That IDLES share works for me. It reminded me of Lost Cross in Carbondale, Illinois, back in the late '80s. My buddy Tim took me, I can't remember if Jerry went too? Why wouldn't he, he must have? The bands that played in that basement were a big part of how I made my way into a new situation as a student, and having a partner who did so much damage. Ok, so I smoked too much pot, and had a few too many nights drinking, I know I wanted to listen to live music, and she despised me for it. The thing that threw me off about that, was that we went and danced quite a bit, and twice to edgy rock, near punk, just before it might have been called "alternative". She seemed to like to dance, and when she turned that off without notice, after nearing 3+ years, I rebelled. There was no way, when I was in a music town, that I wouldn't go and listen. It made me sad and rebellious. There was a lot of seriousness too, I thought I needed a degree to "make it"?! F'ing joke that was!

So, anyway, this is a tribute to basement music, Radiohead Live from the Basement.

This song can be triggering if you listen to the lyrics, or read them. It's seemed to me to be about CSA.

I also think of this song after listening to the one above. These two have long been a part of the music I turn to. When I was getting high, at the time I found these songs, I didn't listen to where they fit with my past. It's been these 3 years that they've made a lot of sense to me.

When the winding roads curve prevents seeing what's ahead, and forks present without knowing a certain destination, there's no wrong, there's just doing. Having foreknowledge isn't part of the human condition, we strive for stability in some sense, but we're not truly able to predict where the maze of life is going.

This one fills an old part of me from around '87- late 1990. A 4 year stretch of semi consciousness owing to an intake of pot that was not healthy to a human. I would drink beer if I was out of weed. This kind of enthralling sound was a constant, I had thousands of songs I could play. and I played the shit out of this song. The 'babies' reference seems to be motherhood, but that's my take. Here the Lyrics are posted after the video.

I'm seemin' to be a little alive
I'm happy again, caught, caught in time
Expose the daughter of yourself well
Me, I think that you're in her heart

You're the match of Jericho
That will burn this whole madhouse down
And I'll throw open like the wall, not safe
More like a love that's a bot-tle of exquisite stuff, yes

You, yourself, and your father
Don't know, so part in your own ways
You're really both bone setters
Thank you for mending me babies

You're the match of Jericho
That will burn this whole madhouse down
And I'll throw open like a walnut safe
You will seem more like being that same bot-tle of exquisite stuff
Yes, you are the match of Jericho
That will burn
This whole madhouse down and I'll throw
Open like the wall, not safe

You, yourself, and your father don't know
So part in your own ways
You're really both bone setters
Thank you for mending me babies
"Easier To Go" by Linkin Park wasn't among my songs until about 2008. The song lyrics caught me as High School angst with a lot of depth. Deep to the point it hit triggers. I kept, and keep going back to it. Especially when I'm very angry, my tension has filled my body, and I need to feel the smashing of the depth. I want to feel angry, I really need it, it's an energy, it can energize me if I can direct it. That's why I'm writing here, and sharing the song. I'm like that, emotions flowing in song, and so much is really there in my head, but... yeah, anyway, here's the song.

I'm going to follow it up with Silversun Pickups "Lazy Eye", because his voice is cool. High school again.

I didn't have high school per-say. Forced out on my own after Junior year. I don't get this being with friends stuff. I was always alone, and it's hard sometimes to sit in my room alone. I can't go out, can't do anything else, so, yeah, the song.

There was that short time at University. Hmmm, I guess about 1987-1991, but didn't include most of '90-'91, so really the 3 years of '87-'89 I tried to hang out with 2 sets of friends. One guy who I was too pushy for some reason, and somehow, in some inexplicable way, he eventually tolerated me. It makes me cry. So, then the other set was for sure 2 guys, and then a few others who were more acquaintance, and I didn't hang with them. T and J would be so important, but, now out of my life. I don't think it's wrong so much, as it's that small time-frame that I recall. Reality, I was a huge pot-head. Smoking every and anytime I had it. And, I had it a lot for those 3 years. Never as much after, so I had to drink. I don't think T and J really knew me well, but T did a lot more than J. I miss T very much. So smart and so much more. Just thoughts, just thinkin'.