Mrs. Innocent


You sit from your chair
With your cursing you swear,
There’s nothing on earth you’ve done wrong.

Push away all who love you.
Pick and choose who you love too.
Not so lucky, I sit all alone.

As you sit from your throne
With your crown looking down,
“Mrs. Innocent, my life I’ve lived right!”

But what of the people
You treat so damn evil,
Who can't please you to save their own life?

Can’t you see past all the things that I lack,
And love me for just being me?

I know that you can’t,
for some reason you won’t.
Call it cruel, harsh reality.

But now that you're old
And your hair has gone grey.
And I've tried to avoid
all the bullets you've sprayed.

With your tongue you attack,
I try not to react.
For I know that I'm trapped
In your cold habitat.