More men/boys abused in Iraq


The sad truth is that in the Muslim world homosexuality is as common as it is everywhere else in the world ... it's simply that the consequences of getting caught is often deadly. I don't know this to be true but I've heard a few things about how 'bating' is considered lots of fun by some men.
Sexual abuse of boys is hardly rare.
Canadian troops ... and I'm sure all the coalition forces ... became aware of it ... but could do nothing.
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The dancing boys of Afghanistan

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There are predators everywhere, doesn't matter who they are any religion has problems with sexual abuse of girls and boys. The dancing boys documentary was really an eye opener. I don't have the link any more but it was on you tube that I watched it. There is sexual violence all over the world.
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idk if this is the original link, but its PBS.
its true that it is in all religions and all countries. I just like the fact that it highlights what researchers and survivors who have their ear to the ground already knew. MEN WOMEN, BOYS GIRLS, are all abused. and if researchers are open, the abuse rate is 50/50 or pretty darn close.
im sick, to the back teeth, of people, and even male survivors, saying that boys/men are only raped a fraction of the amount that girls/women are.
there should be services for all. and no boy/man should be made to feel that they are taking services away from women or worse that boys/men cant be raped. or even worse, that only gay boys/men get raped...