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So I suffer from migraines thankfully recently not the debilitating lay in dark room ones but life altering not in a good way ones.When they are bad I rely on medication. Mostly I try to live healthy, get enough rest etc etc
My best results at minim izing the effects is kind of a back to nature thing. I get outside pretty much daily. I eat locally grown food, try to make sure I'm getting vitamins and minerals. I use essential oils and try to avoid chemicals and excessive food additives.
One of my triggers is barometic pressure that comes when is foggy out. Its been foggy the last two days and I'm just not right.
Today the weather somewhat broke and I went for a bike ride to a local lake. The exercise, fresh air were noticably helping. I stopped by the lake was in parking lot area of a somewhat fancy dining establishment. Was sitting on a kind of rotting wooden dock kind of rubbing sand on my shoulders n forehead and arms. Was told the micro minerals were helpful by someone wise about the kind of thing once. Not sure if it works or not but it doesnt hurt kind of makes my skin feel smooth.
Then this guy comes out of the building gun on hip tells me no bathing there. I inform him I wasn't bathing I'm a local resident tell him I'll leave that I'm just trying to shake migraine. He shakes his head and mutters that lake has no minerals he refuses to have any kind of empathy. Goes on to say that I wouldnt believe some of the stuff that goes on blah blah blah. Real judgemental, stuffy and self righteous.
Thing is maybe riding a bicycle he judged me as country version of street person or something. Bad business decision on his part I make a good income and am supportive of local places. He basically lost that forever and I'm sure as hell not going to reccomend it to other people either.

Dark part of that is when I'm in vulnurable state like that it triggers me. The dude really gave me the creeps beyond him just being a jerk. When someone like that basically exerts their dominance of me I don't handle it well. It's a close as I ever come to some kind of backlash. I don't ever backlash but just having those thoughts scare me some.


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After Nine, thank you for sharing.

Personally, I think that guy really should have minded his own business. Who cares what you were doing; you weren't bothering anybody. My therapist told me that I should get out more often and go for a walk or a bike ride, but I am just too lazy, (and my bike is in a storage shed in pieces, and I don't have the tools to put it back together.) Anyway, I too have gotten bad headaches. I get them almost as much as I did when I was a kid. I wake up in the middle of the night with them. I take pain medication for them, but they don't seem to help most the time. I wonder if the headaches are due to the stress I have been going through these last several months. I mentioned in another post in this forum a few moments ago that I have been going swimming at my local gym lately, but it is too soon to tell if that has been helping me with my stress and headaches. I think it kind of has, but it is too soon to tell. But, keep up the good work.

After Nine

@Ryan15 thank you , Good luck with the swimming. Whats worked for me is just considering it having fun (like playing when you're a kid). I switch it up between bike riding, swimming, hiking even kayaking. It doesn't get rid of the headaches but it keeps them managable where I can function thru work n chores.