Migraines too?


Well, that makes sense.

I finally got medication for my migraines this year. I don't drink more than 2 cups of caffeine a day but I bet that is why I am addicted or in need because it helps with my headaches from time to time.

for me, the worst ones are the ones where light bothers me. Its so mentally handicapping cause it can come out of nowhere. Like, all the sudden a switch goes on and your brain can't handle the bright lights.

There will probably be more research on this. Thanks for posting it.
Yeah. Gay and migraines. Started really when I was 12. I went home at least twice a month in middle school. It was so obvious I was in pain that teachers would send me to the nurse, even if I didn’t want to go. My parents in typical style never took me to a doctor, even though my sister had migraines and did go. I’m honestly surprised they did t just give me her meds like they did so often. (Boys are tough, he’ll be fine.) They only took me to a doctor when they absolutely had too, which did not include asthma, needing stitches, dislocated shoulder, or depression, I didn’t get treated for migraines or asthma till my 40s. It’s an issue I have to look at, but I think I got the message like everything else as a kid, was that I was tough and self-reliant and shouldn’t need anyone else to look after my needs. I have decent insurance and I still have to force myself to go to a doctor.


I noticed that the study didn't take in account gender identity.. I would be interested in seeing that might factor in...


I do have terrible migraine attacks pretty often. I do take medications but nothing really helps beside lying in dark and quiet place. But my headaches also come from my iron deficiency anemia and worn cervical vertebrae, so I don't know if it's that much related to my past experience.


I also have migraines. The way I found out they were migraines was that, I was at work and I complained of having a h/a and someone offered me an Imitrex and it worked. I told my MD and he said they only work for migraines and he ordered them for me. but I was only allowed 9/month by the insurance company and I was running out before the end of the month. He then placed me on Tobramax also and they decreased tremendously. I only use the Imitrex occasionally now. Interesting to know about the LGB(T?) community.


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I realized a year ago the migraines started soon after the abuse by the scoutmaster. Zomig came along and was my miracle cure for twenty plus years along with Choropractic adjustments then suddenly both stopped working. Tried all the triptans and they blunt the intensity but that is all. Two years ago I started on the Aimovig shot once a month and that has helped TREMENDOUSLY and the manufacturer has an assistance program to help if insurance formulary won’t cover. Also have had some relief from accupuncture.
I don't get migraines. But two of my 4 straight siblings do!!! Chalk one up for the gay guy in the family. Sometimes I get a win, LOL
Migraines suck. For those that have the unfortunate opportunity to experience them, that statement is well, quite the understatement.
It was not an enjoyable moment when the doc confirmed them. They started in a stress-filled moment. I was either going to become bigger than a house, or turn into an invalid. Both of which would also make me broke. This was because I noticed that eating more helped, as did adequate sleep. Imitrex was like a miracle. Blasted insurance though.

In recent years, as stress and worry has diminished, the migraines have too.
Based on so many other elements in my life, I can't help but wonder if there just isn't something more at the root to these things than just sexual orientation being a risk-factor.


When I stopped sitting in front of a computer at a stress filled job 8 hours a day, my migraines decreased tremendously. I started getting migraines when I was young, my dad said I needed glasses. That didn't help but my parents didn't know any different back then. So I suffered for a long time until my mid forties thinking it was just stress sitting in my neck radiating u tp my head. Great Doctor I had. Seriously!